This is Day 1 of the New Year’s Resolution Challenge by Vicky Justiz

The 7 day workout is as follows
Day 1 – workout
Day 2 – workout
Day 3 – Rest Day
Day 4 – workout
Day 5 – Workout
Day 6 – rest day
Day 7 – Workout

Repeat this workout every week for one month and you should see amazing results!!…/vicky-justiz/


  1. no doubt let’s get something straight between us there’s a lot of rock
    solid pointers and tips in every asspect of this great workout!!

  2. Vicky your my inspiration. Can you do a video on on your meals and ‘what
    you eat in a day’…thanks & much love from the UK..x

  3. Vicky. Credit to you. You’re doing really well. Im referring alot of ladies
    to this channel simply because its not all shallow and your advise seems
    legit. Good luck with everything x

  4. VICKY, do you have any before and after pics? Like pics from before you got
    in shape? It would be very motivating to see where you started from ^_^

  5. Hi Vicky! I’m looking to start your 7 day workout challenge. What level
    resistance bands should I buy? They range from light to heavy. What are you

  6. I have the resistance bands that you put in the door, can I use that in
    place of The resistance bands your using? 


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