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  1. I’m basketball player. That small weight jacket will help me if I wearing
    during my cardio section in the treadmill?

    • +Vince Toro Rodriguez I imagine it would to some degree. I got an 8lb one I
      use for HIIT and cardio days with a lot of jump rope intervals. The added
      weight just makes it a little hard to get off the ground so over the course
      of a workout I really feel it in my calves. I imagine this would apply to
      running on a treadmill. In general though it makes your whole body work a
      little harder with whatever you’re doing; every muscle will pitch in a
      little extra to work against the weight you’ve added. 6-8lbs doesn’t sound
      like a lot to most people but you will definitely feel it.

  2. BodyRock X – Day 26 – Lower Body Sculpt & Tone Workout

    Hi BodyRockers,

    Today we are toning your inner, outer thighs and legs. Try for a minimum of
    3 rounds with weight.

    Workout BreakDown:
    Set Your Interval Timers To 50 Seconds Work & 10 Seconds Rest.
    Complete the Following Workout 3 x Through. Increase today’s workout burn
    by adding your BodyRock Vest. It’s a game changer.


  3. I’m always see your videos to get some ideas before my workout routines.
    Where I can find this weighted vest? How many pounds do you recommend?
    Also, I loved your leggings. Where did you get them? Thank you ??


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