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Safe and Effective Weight Loss Programs

Safe and Effective Weight Loss Programs

Safe and Effective Weight Loss Programs that you should know.

It is said, it’s better safe than sorry. There are a lot of individuals. Or in fact a lot of them are claiming that they have the safe and effective weight loss programs today. Be careful, sometimes when its too good to be true – they are not. So, lets get started.

How to start losing weight?

First of all, you should determine if you are obese or overweight by measuring your BMI based on this formula: weight (kg) / [height (m)]2. Here’s the BMI Categories:

  • Underweight = <18.5
  • Normal weight = 18.5–24.9
  • Overweight = 25–29.9
  • Obesity = BMI of 30 or greater

There is various weight loss and diet programs but you need to pick one that you think is effective for you to efficiently begin losing weight. Read the different weight loss program reviews on the internet to easily identify what is right for you. Next, set a goal on how many pounds you need to lose at a certain time frame. Bear in mind that your diet plan should be realistic to you considering your daily schedule.

It’s recommended to start a goal of losing 1-2 pounds a week. Stay focused and motivated to achieve your goals. As your goal increases, add some exercise. It should be gradual.

What are the leading causes of weight gain?

There are lots of factors that play a role in obesity. The number one cause of weight gain is sedentary lifestyle such as no regular exercise, excessive sugar-rich food consumption, and drinking excessive alcohol. It can also be caused by some health problems like depression, certain medications, and digestive problems but these are only rare cases.

Research shows that the population of alcoholic drinkers throughout the world is dramatically increasing especially nowadays and the number of obese is continuing to rise. There are also many people who spend a lot of time watching televisions and using personal computers. And the most common reason why people are overweight is because of eating too much fats and sugar.

What are the natural ways to lose weight?

Some of the natural ways to lose weight are just arms reach –  such as water. Did you know that drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day helps prevent weight gain because water is calorie-free and it also helps speed up your metabolism. Sometimes we feel like we are hungry but actually we are just thirsty so it’s better to drink plenty of water. It is also beneficial to avoid midnight snacks especially chips and sugar rich foods. Some will not eat rice anymore but this is not the best choice.

Other known natural ways to lose weight is YOGA. Yoga is form of an exercise that focuses on strength, flexibility, and breathing that will greatly impact both physical and mental well-being.

Did you know that Hypnosis can help reduce weight?

Hypnosis for Weight Loss
Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Same as you, i was surprise and a bit skeptical. I am doing some research about hypnosis for weight loss and hypnotic therapy that can help us to lose weight. Here’s how it works in a nut-shell. You listen some instruction from your ipod or sound-system to your ear phone. Just sit down and re-lacks. Focus on the voice and to the words he/she was saying. Then after few minutes to an hour of listening, your done for the day. Yes for the day because you need to listen the audio for the next 21 days at least.

What are weight loss programs after pregnancy?

During pregnancy, unintentional weight gain is expected and is the biggest challenge for pregnant mothers because the extra weight gained provides nourishment to the developing fetus. Weight loss is one of the major concerns of mothers after giving birth. Here are 4 helpful tips for losing weight after pregnancy:

  1. Weight Loss After Pregnancy
    Weight Loss After Pregnancy

    Breastfeeding is a safe way to lose weight. Study shows that breastfeeding mothers are more likely to lose pregnancy weight than women who do not breastfeed.

  2. Eat well. A healthy eating plan will help you lose weight naturally.
  3. Find time to exercise. If you had a normal vaginal delivery, you can start a light regular exercise program and stretching after giving birth.
  4. Don’t go on a diet. Always eat healthy, well-balanced diet.

What are the different weight loss programs? And do they work?

Below is the list of the different weight loss programs. You will know the effectiveness of these programs based on the following reviews:

  • Medical weight loss program reviews

During pregnancy, all of us women are craving for different foods which cause us to gain a lot of weight. After birth, we are aware that we have that extra weight we want to get rid of. As a mother going through the same dilemma, I tried commercialized weight loss programs but did not work.

Good thing I found this program. It really helped me a lot to drop off those extra pounds. I found the program by Shaun T at ExerciseAholics. By Pearl Ramirez

  • Physicians weight loss program reviews

OPTIFAST succeeds because it treats the whole you – not just your weight. It combines support and counseling, comprehensive lifestyle education and medical monitoring with a great-tasting meal replacement to help people lose weight and significantly reduce weight-related health risks. By Dr. Powell

  • Laser treatment for weight loss

The Zerona works by aiming lasers at your lower body specifically designed to puncture holes in your fat cells so that they deflate. (Don’t worry; you can’t feel the “puncturing” at all. In fact, it felt so much like nothing that I was afraid it wasn’t doing anything!) Your body keeps all the fat cells—a good thing since removing fat cells can have unintended consequences, as seen in recent studies on liposuction—but they’re just much smaller. By Charlotte Hilton Andersen

  • Body wraps for weight loss

body wrap weight loss sampleI love the body wraps!! Yes, I was skeptical at first..45 minutes are you serious. But, the wrap really took off 2 inches in the first hour. I wrapped again 72 hours later. And would you believe another inch lose. I drank the required amount of water to help flush out the toxin. I completed my 90 day challenge. Can’t wait to wrap again. By Maryland, MD

  • Quick weight loss reviews

I was as close to death as anyone could be when I drove by Quick Weight Loss: many hospitalizations, insulin dependent diabetes and my doctor told me to lose the weight or die. I never saw myself going to a weight loss center because I couldn’t imagine it helping me, but thank God I went in. Now I’m catching up on 40 years of living: tennis, football, motorcycling- even just sitting in a lounge chair (that I hadn’t done in 30 years). I feel better than I did at 20: no more insulin, no more diabetes. I got my life back this year. By Richard Bootes

  • Online weight loss programs reviews

Site: www.diet.com Slim in 6 comprehensive “Fitness, Nutrition, Diet and Weight Loss” program.

I like this video. I have done it off and on for years and every time I do it gives me a great works out that I feel for a few days afterwards since I don’t work those muscles enough. The video is just the right length to keep me vested and the commentary is very positive. All and I give it an A. By Tstoneall

  • Hypnosis for weight loss programs

Weight-loss hypnosis may help you shed an extra few pounds when it’s part of a weight-loss plan that includes diet, exercise and counseling. By Katherine Zeratsky, R.D., L.D.

Good luck with your weight loss! Stay happy and healthy!

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