Sensa Weight Loss System

Have you heard about Sensa Weight Loss System?

Sensa weight loss system is a weight loss program created by Dr. Alan Hirsch, who is a world known name in the field of smell and taste. Dr. Alan Hirsch is an award winning neurologist with more than 25 years of experience in researching the science of smell and taste. He has worked on and written six books on the sensory system of the human body. There is also mention of an extensive study proving that Sensa really works in helping people lose weight. The study indicated that participants who used Sensa lost an average of 35 pounds in a six month period.

In accordance with his field of expertise, Dr. Alan Hirsch has created a weight loss system that works by manipulating the sensory response of the brain. Sensa diet works by fooling the brain into believing that one is less hungry as compared to how hungry the person actually is. This results in the person eating less, consuming lesser calories and achieving weight loss even without actually working for it. More than twenty five years of experience and research have been packed into this patent pending technology.

What is Sensa product made of?

Sensa is a powder you sprinkle over your food to trick your taste buds and brain into eating less food. Sensa products comes in portable packs so you can leave one at home and take one with you wherever you go to eat. There are different stages of the program for people to use for a period of one month each over six months. At the end of the six months, you can start over again.

Sensa Weight Loss System

Sensa Weight Loss System

Sensa reviews have exposed that it is made up of an assortment of materials which have been found in each day meal plans. However, the company promises that what makes it get the job done will be the addition of Maltodrexin, Tricalcium Phosphate, Carmine, Soy and Milk. The actual combine is completed via a proprietary, and hence it really is unclear (nor do they have to explain) concerning how these things really work.

How Sensa Weight Loss system works?

weight loss programSensa Weight Loss System is claimed to work by decreasing appetite. But this sn’t achieved by leaving a bad taste inside your mouth as may possibly be expected. Sensa Tastants are designed to stimulate style and odor receptors which in turn trigger the brain to release hormones that generate a feeling of fullness. This assists the user minimize calorie intake without meals restrictions and feeling of hunger. The effectivity of Sensa Weight Loss System is claimed to base on clinically verified review which has shown that those who sprinkled their food with Sensa Tastants in typical lost about 30 pounds in six months.

Sensa Weight Loss System has attracted a good deal of interest but the controversy around the clinically confirmed study which is offered as evidence of its performance opens lots of questions. Dr. Hirsh claims that his study was peer reviewed by the Endocrine Society, whilst the latter has stated that its role has been incorrectly presented. The official internet site also offers a double blind, placebo controlled analysis carried out by an independent laboratory however it doesn’t say which laboratory made the study which makes its reliability questionable.

Critiques of Sensa claimed research and Dr. Hirsch’s research include:

  1. The studies were not blinded in any directions (both researchers and subjects knew who was given Sensa and who was given a placebo, which is a conflict of interest and exposes the study to outcomes driven by the placebo effect),
  2. The studies have not been open to peer review or verified by any independent medical or health organization,
  3. The results have not been duplicated,
  4. All studies have been conducted by organizations that are affiliated with Sensa and stand to gain financial compensation (conflicts of interests),
  5. Sensa’s statistical claims in their infomercials largely contradict information shown on product patents, and ;
  6. Experts from the fields of medicine that Sensa is derived from and medical experts which study and treat health weight issues have consistently disagreed with the scientific reasoning behind Sensa, noting on numerous occasions that none of the ingredients in Sensa have shown any of the properties that the product is claimed to have.

Sensa diet claims 35 pounds of weight loss on an average. And this is achieved without any bland, pre packaged meals that lead more to craving than cutting down on calories. It costs $235 for a six month course. There are many Sensa diet promo codes and Sensa diet coupons currently on. On TV, it can be bought for mere $ 9.

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