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  1. Mfw 90% of people in the store are buying their chocolate, cakes, chips and
    cola and I’m walking out with lean meats, eggs and vegetables..

  2. I don’t think you’re right. I share your opinions about fats and carbs,
    none of the others. But I think it is not your fault. Consider being vegan
    once, please never stop learning. :)

    • +PurpleHaze If you’re having problems adding muscle to your frame, getting
      ripped (I assume you mean very muscular and lean at the same time) won’t
      happen by accident. Eat well, make sure you’re getting your proteins and
      carbs, and lift heavy weights at least 3 times per week. It isn’t very
      difficult to do, it just takes dedication to do it *consistently*.

  3. jesus christ. i’m currently in the cutting phase, and i thought i was
    eating more than enough. i hate eating, it’s the bane of my existence. good
    to know i’ll be needing to eat more carbs and fats once my body fat is at a
    desirable %. damn, and i thought this would get easier.

  4. I’m going to make a video about nutrition that lasts 15 seconds. All I’m
    going to say is go Vegan and Carb up. If you want to lose weight just eat
    more raw foods and walk. The End!

    • +kenny cervone Your page doesn’t exist. Is the World Health Organization
      lying about meat causing cancer too. You’re in denial. It’s sad!

    • +Erik the Vegan dude I told u to go on my page . I’ll message you or
      something. Idk what ur trying to do ???? Stop telling people bullshit lies
      and dissing a guy with cancer .

  5. Diet Plan called Fenoboci Diet Plan kept showing up here on a lot of videos
    and I thought they were scams. However after my cousin follow it, and
    finally lost crazy amounts of weight with it without starving herself. I’m
    persuaded. Don’t take my own word for it, search for Fenoboci Diet Plan on

  6. Hey Pete I’m about 6″ 0 and weight 213 lbs I’m trying to lose fat and get
    trim but not bulk up and I watched this video about 3-4 times and I still
    am confused and trying to look for a solution

  7. Awesome video, I love seeing people that share my passion for nutrition and
    spreading knowledge. Thanks for sharing! Check out my instagram @nom_stop

  8. Definitely listen to this guy, he knows what he’s talking about! The other
    key factor besides nutrition and diet is “thinking.” Hands down, with out
    “change in thinking,” you’re going no where fast!

  9. hey great vid! i just wanted to ask, how many grams of fat per pound of
    body weight do you suggest to eat per day when bulking up and trying to
    gain lean mass? thanks really appreciated, keep up the good work!

  10. lol just wanna say bruh u gotta ah cool channel …n I’m starting my 30
    transformation 2day uploading videos 2 marrow …..#alltypeofgains .lol I’m
    145 goal is 160 2 months 170

  11. My dad is a diabetic and eats like a bodybuilder by what your talking
    about… High fat and low carb with quite a bit of protein

  12. Thank you for the advice I’m trying to lose some fat and gain muscle as
    well I went from 275 to 253 in less than two months but I got stock on
    253lb I don’t know why but my goal is to go down to 200lb I’m 6″ toll.. 

    • +Tom Thompson isn’t it better to eat a burger after workout? since ur
      muscles are still in work after hard workout and it will allow u to digest
      the fat food way better?

    • +Jordan Chill Lose up to 23 pounds of body fat in just 3 weeks with this
      extreme rapid weight loss program! <<--<<<<<<<<

    • This is gonna be my meal plan carbs :sweet potatoes fries banana ezekeal
      bread dates steelcut or old fashion oats veggie burger fats: avacado peanut
      butter also protein mayonnaise kind bar olive oil and protein 2 eggs tuna
      sardines cheese pb and beans total 3200 calories you can use this but u
      need a budget tho

    • Protein bars and shakes- idk about anyone else but these didn’t help me as
      Cut down the junk food, you want a 6 pack not man boobs,
      Don’t have a specific diet plan as they didn’t work and you probably get
      sick of it after a month
      Remember to work out as much as possible even if ur at home
      Be determined don’t go full out in one whole week and give up
      Protein and working out will help (milk, eggs meat and vegetables too
      balance your diet)
      Sneak in a burger or so, but limit the portion size. Yes, ik someone’s
      going to go all nutritional it’s on me but I’m still in shape yet I eat a
      burger around about either 1, 2 or 3 per a month. Make sure to work out
      after the burger though.
      Portion it, don’t have a huge fast food meal. Have a small meal.

  13. If you wish to shed pounds, it is best to check out Fenoboci Diet Plan on
    google. They’ll make it easier to get the shape you deserve.

    • +pavel mihai Hello there! Thanks for sharing! Since we are on this topic;
      have you thought about ” Vidadsmedia Fast Weight Loss ” (google the exact
      phrase)? My hangout buddies had some dealings with them and was impressed
      by their amazing testimonials and reviews and tried their recommendation!

  14. Just one thing, the idea of eating more frequently to increase your
    metabolism is false. What determines you rate of metabolism is the amount
    of work that is being done. Inside the cell, that is how much ATP is being
    used up. The wood to fuel the fire is a wrong analogy unfortunately.

    • +Will Leiker He was right when he said that the fat in bacon isn’t as good
      as other fats. He was wrong in suggesting that it is ok for breakfast.
      Atherosclerosis is what happens when you eat bacon. It doesn’t take much.

    • +Dark-sheep13
      actually not what he said. he said don’t be afraid to add a little bacon
      and that it doesn’t have as good as fats as others. Which is true

  15. hi pete do you think slim fast is the best way to help start to loss wright
    and wood slim fast assist the gym as well or is it a big waste of time

  16. Eating every two hours does not increase metabolism, it’s a persistent
    myth. You don’t need to stress about it, it’s just personal preference. 🙂

    Taylor MA, Garrow JS. Compared with nibbling, neither gorging nor a morning
    fast affect short-term energy balance in obese patients in a chamber
    calorimeter. Int J Obes Relat Metab Disord. 2001 Apr;25(4):519-28.

    Farshchi HR, et al. Decreased thermic effect of food after an irregular
    compared with a regular meal pattern in healthy lean women. Int J Obes
    Relat Metab Disord. 2004 May;28(5):653-60.

  17. Hello, i weigh around 23 stone i really want to lose weight and go on a
    healthy diet with lots of exercise but i find it really hard to. Sometimes
    i look at myself in the mirror and will cry for hours on end at my own
    disgust with myself. All my friends call me “blob” i ignore it but then go
    home with suicidal thoughts.

    A large part of it is my mum left me when i was just a baby and i feel like
    the hole she left in my heat i have to fill up with food, but I’m never

    • +plyzwthsqrlz Wow, good joke. You’re like really funny. But what you
      probably don’t know is that 90% of all the deforestation of the rainforest
      is done to pursue big agriculture interests of the meat industry. Did you
      get that? Your meat eating is the main contributor to the destruction of
      the world’s largest and most important source of oxygen producing plants.
      Will your dead cow patties still taste as good when you’re suffocating on
      the toxic air you paid people to pollute?

    • +Aaron Lloyd Look at going vegan! Raw til 4 or Starch Solution are
      greeeeeat ways to eat and the best part about it is that there is NO
      RESTRICTION. You can eat as much as you want, because you’re eating food
      that are actually healthy and not laden with pus and blood and hormones
      that come along with animal proteins. There’s so many people on youtube who
      promote this lifestyle. I’d say look at channels like Camonfruit,
      vegangains, freeleethebananagirl, and highcarbhannah to get an idea about
      what we’re all about. You lose weight so fast when you feed your body food
      that was actually designed for it. And lastly, don’t take nutrition advice
      from someone who gave himself testicular cancer from his crap diet. Good

  18. Although I am a slender female, I store a lot of fat on my bum and thighs.
    My workouts consist of yoga (5 times per week) and weightlifting (2-3 times
    per week). I have never had success losing body fat in the past regardless
    of my workouts. My diet is actually very clean so I believe my hormones are
    out of balance. Do you feel that fats or carbs would be better to eat to
    increase my energy levels and lose body fat? Just as a note, I eat lots of
    animal protein. Thank you in advance. 

  19. so… if i want to lose weight, if i got it right, then i shouldnt eat much
    bananas and oats ?
    I was told that bananas and oatmeal is REALLY good for the health, but im
    trying to lose weight, to reach my ideal weight which is like 150pounds, im
    around 190 right now and ive been playing yo-yo with my weight since many
    years, so… what do you suggest ??? i hope you read my msg and reply 🙂 by
    the way, going to be 34 this year and im 5’4, just giving you some details
    in case it helps lol, thanks in advance.

  20. If you eat a diet heavy in laxatives, your dream body will become a reality
    in a very short period of time. I would know; I’m the youtube.

  21. Avocados, coconuts and oranges (used in moderation, not more than one fruit
    at a time) are great for people who are trying to lose some weight or for
    people who are trying to “cleanse” their body. This is because avocados are
    a natural laxative, and both coconuts and oranges can have laxative and
    diuretic qualities. I recommend blending organic oranges with water or in a
    smoothie to receive full nutrition.

  22. Pete please tell me what is your height? And please tell me if iam a thin
    person but i eat good. I can still be taller? Iam 17 years old and at least
    i want to achieve 1.73 at this time iam 1.67 12. I will be very greatfull
    if you answer me. Sorry for the gramatic

  23. for a while now I’ve been pushing the masai diet. The Masai are a people
    in Kenya who are famous for living only on products from the cow: milk;
    beef; and blood that they extract from their cows without killing them.
    The Masai also follow an important rule: “If a man eats meat and drinks
    milk on the same day, he is a glutton.” Therefore every day, I, who follow
    the diet, have to choose whether it will be a milk day or a meat day (so
    far I haven’t found a source for blood.) While I like meat, I prefer milk,
    so basically I’ve been living on fluid milk products for the last six
    years. Most days I drink perhaps a gallon (3.5 liters) of some kind of
    milk, usually skim, and that’s all I eat or drink. Sometimes I have some
    cream, or half and half, or some other kind of milk: 1%, 2%, or whole. I
    have done very well on this diet, I am six feet, one inch and this morning
    weighed 151 pounds. On my last physical, my PCP told me I am in the top 3%
    of people my age healthwise, which I attribute to the diet (my PCP is very
    aware of my diet.) I believe this diet would be excellent for everyone,
    and am particularly interested to see if it might help people with various
    diseases, including biggies like cancer and AIDS, and have been pushing the
    medical establishment to test it.

    • Sure cause sexy people MUST know what they are talking about =)). I think
      I’m gonna get shredded and run for president o_O.

  24. I am trying to bulk up!!! i am 5’5 and 138lbs…!!! i want to be 160 or that i look big!!! i am 17(age) .. also suggest me the
    nutrition and exercise’s for getting taller to 5’7 or 5’8 !!!! pls someone

  25. +Furious Pete This is an AWESOME video and would love more like them!! Yes
    you have nailed it and the info is GREAT!!! The ONLY thing I would ad is
    about the yogurt, people just need to read the sugar content, they are
    usually really high, ALOT!! So that is the only concern I would have, Greek
    Yogurt is a lil bit better in less sugar and so much better on protein!!
    Can buy a yogurt machine from Wal Mart and you know what is in it!! …I am
    reading the comments below and ALOT of them just make me laugh, you gonna
    tell this man he is wrong and LOOK AT HIM!! His body is healthy and
    beautiful, he obviously knows what he is talking about, so PLEASE DONT talk
    the talk if haven’t walked the walk!! HE HAS AND STILL IS!! ALSO about the
    cancer situation, PLEASE don’t blame it on what he eats, cancer in people
    this young is usually from hereditary or exposure to harmful
    contaminants NOT from what you eat!!

    • +Havocks Crysis​ I posted studies that actually did research on the matter
      and also link many different studies done on the matter since 1960. Where
      did you get your information?

    • +MrLolzordz Eating every two hours does not increase metabolism, it’s a
      persistent myth. You don’t need to stress about it, it’s just personal
      preference. 🙂

      Taylor MA, Garrow JS. Compared with nibbling, neither gorging nor a morning
      fast affect short-term energy balance in obese patients in a chamber
      calorimeter. Int J Obes Relat Metab Disord. 2001 Apr;25(4):519-28.

      Farshchi HR, et al. Decreased thermic effect of food after an irregular
      compared with a regular meal pattern in healthy lean women. Int J Obes
      Relat Metab Disord. 2004 May;28(5):653-60.

  26. so when your trying to lose fat can u basicly just do a high protein diet?
    I run about a mile 1/2 to 2 miles and a lot of resistant band workout will
    that help with losing belly fat? I want to get into bodybuilding.

    • Having Cody as a first name implies that your douche levels are high enough
      to start bodybuilding. I would suggest picking up some mesh trucker hats
      and plaid shorts to get started.

  27. All of this advice was pretty bad until he mentioned meal frequency, then
    it was just laughable. meal frequency was debunked a loooooong time ago

    • Maybe wrong in regards to bulking and the fats from red meat. Bacons a big
      no no.
      Though in terms of cutting and losing weight, it’s good advice bar cutting
      out the bacon, fats from red meat and fatty dairy.
      Greens, lean meats, nuts, oats, fruits, brown rice, baked potatoes. All in
      moderation and the right amounts, mixed in with some decent exercise will
      get you cut.

  28. After watching this, your cancer makes complete sense. Absolutely awful
    grasp of nutrition. If you want a ‘clean bulk,’ try to make sure you eat
    only 10% fat and 10% protein.

    • +TheKingDies You must not have read your own material because in that
      second abstract it says that “…the incidence of colorectal cancer was
      higher in vegetarians than in meat eaters.” There are many cancers that can
      kill you and just eating meat isn’ a cause of death. Now I am not trying to
      school you on research studies but simply taking a pole of 63,000 people
      and finding out who has cancer and who doesn’t and also looking at who eats
      meat and who doesn’t, won’t give us a true correlation. There are many
      factors that can develop cancer including genetics. This claim made by
      vegans has not been PROVEN by science, it has only been speculated. One
      study doesn’t make something a law of nature.You could also find that these
      “meat eaters” eat a lot of other bad foods or are inactive which can play a
      role in cancer development. The fact is that these “100’s” of studies that
      show that a diet of higher fat and protein consumption causes cancer, have
      no actual true correlation between meat eating and negative health
      profiles. There haven’t been strong enough methods to truely test your
      hypothesis. I am sure with sometime I could whip up plenty of “studies”
      that prove your lifesyle isn’t good for you either.
      You’re not a registered dietitian I suppose either so please shut the fuck

  29. I love working out but man is the eating hard. I only gain muscle when I’m
    nauseous from eating. 🙁 Hate having to force so much down my throat lol

  30. Please make another video where you elaborate on the dangers of GMO foods.
    I noticed your demonstration displays GMO foods developed by lab scientists
    such as the Quaker oatmeal. GMOs cause genetic mutations, infertility and
    are recognized as toxins in the human body. There is a link to the large
    increase in children being born with genetic disorders such as autism, ADD
    and cancer.

  31. Thanks Pete you did it once again! You’ve made me learn something new, i
    did knew i need fats when cutting but you actually explained why, Thanks
    again Pete.

  32. Crazy clip. Good vid. My pal had been a flabby. He revitalized himself from
    283 lbs of fat into 209 lbs of purely natural lean muscle mass. I found
    myself amazed. I just signed up myself coz I wanna strengthen. He used the
    Muscle Building Bible (Look in Google)…

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    loss program from POUNDALE.COM , I lost 27 pounds so far! Its 100% natural.
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  34. Dude, why don’t you instead make a video about principles of nutrition. You
    could talk about 3500 calories = 1lb of fat, 1lb of musle burns 50 extra
    cal per day. You completely missed out on telling your audience how to prep
    meals for the week! Good try but your video could have been better, at
    least more useful, to people trying to get into healthy eating.

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    find out about the serious crimes we commit against our bodies. With Legion
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