Recover faster, and better and, get more from your training by getting your nutrition right.
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Recovery is often thought of as the most important parts of training. Without training you won’t get very far, but, failing to recover will mean that you don’t bank any improvements, and that you’ll risk illness and injury.

One of the more important aspects of recovery is your nutrition. Get your nutrition right before, during and after training and you’ll recover far more quickly after training.

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  1. Those bananas look horribly unripe! If your bananas are not covered in
    spots you are not eating any carbohydrates! just starch.

    • +PlantPedaler Carbohydrates is what humans use to convert to energy, and
      they come under TWO categories:

      1. Starch (complex sugar composed of 1000s of glucose molecules bonded
      2. Fructose, Glucose and Galactose (Simple sugar)

      Eating simple sugar is optimal for athletic performance because it takes so
      little time to digest, assimilate and requires VERY little insulin to
      convert to Glucose-derived ATP and transport to somatic (body) cells. If
      you cannot get enough simple sugar, starches always as the back-up plan.

  2. Do they keep the set that chilly??It’s my thought that going without taking
    in Carbs while training, toughens you up, for the real thing.

  3. Expect better than you guys. Advertising the scam that is protein shakes…
    I know you’re sponsored and everything but come on…

    • +Phillip Maddocks Well you could if you’re weird, or add it to the 330ml of
      water recommended. Thereby not getting the sugar, calories and fat you get
      in the milk.

    • +Phillip Maddocks No. To get 40g of protein it’s between 1111ml (semi) to
      1250ml (whole) compared to between 50g to 100g (brand dependant) of whey

    • +Swannn Well I had a look for proof, I found no reputable studies that show
      ineffectiveness of whey protein. It’s simply a by-product of cheese, now
      they can sell it rather than feeding to livestock. If you need protein it
      can be a convenience and cheaper than steak, though a lot more expensive
      than milk. But to get that same amount of protein you need to drink a litre
      of milk…

  4. Good to see you putting your foot down with the coaster business there,
    Matt. Si trying to liberties again.

    Come on Si, show some respect!

  5. Broteen, where’d ya get ya broteen brah? get ya broteen from plants brah,
    same place the animals get it from, no need to eat them, #govegan #ctfu #rt4

    • +xscott902x fair enough, and my bad about the comparison to gatorade. i
      just had a quick glance at your original msg and had it in my head that you
      meant sports drinks like gatorade were better than coconut water. must have
      been my eyes, or thoughts playing tricks on me cause when i reread you say
      nothing about gatorade. i don’t know what skratch is, but sounds like good
      stuff. nonetheless the value of of potassium is different to the value of
      sodium when it comes to sweat. potassium is constantly undervalued in
      comparison with sodium and its frustrating. potassium controls how much
      fluid is inside the cell and this is way more important to cell function
      than amounts of sodium. I’m a fan of coconut water because its the best
      mother nature gave us, but I’m sure skratch is good too. an IV trumps all

  6. I’m finding the constant bombardment of product placement and advertising
    in GCN is getting too much, it’s taking away your credibility and
    reputation as an open source of information and entertainment. We get
    enough of it in the pro-peloton already…

    • +Rob Collier It is not a proper food by any stretch of the imagination.
      Besides, any regular diet ensures that you get enough protein if you eat
      enough calories. Protein powders actually have a more harmful effect,
      casein promotes cancer, Casein and whey protein increase inflammation and
      put lots of stress on the kidneys. Not to mention they raise IGF-1 levels
      in the blood stream which increases chances of developing cancer.

      protein powders horrible, eat actual food.

    • +Remi Fjelldal Why care, I’m Vegan and regard dairy and as specially whey
      as being unhealthy but I couldn’t care less if they are using the promotion
      of SiS stuff to pay the bills.

    • +Remi Fjelldal the thing is. Brodien powder IS an effective way of getting
      Brodein in, as well as proper food, which I believe is mentioned in the
      video. I don’t think they are being terribly misleading at all. Surely
      mentioning that protein is effective in aiding muscle recovery isn’t

    • Problem is when it gets in the way of accurate information, and/or which
      option is actually the best for most people.

      Product placement is also so incredibly misleading when the viewer is not
      informed about it being payed to be placed there.

      “now, a way to get brodein is by taking brodeinpowder, SiS payed us to show
      you their powder, this is a good choice to get in your brodein..”

      SiS would never let them say this, because it contributes doesn’t make SiS
      sound nice. Yet still, this is the truth of what is going on.. So it should
      just be said.

      Now, I’m never going to be able to take their product advice serious. It
      might be a fucking great product, but it might also just be a paid ad, and
      no other alternatives where actually considered.

    • it’s likely any nutrition info will have a SIS bias in the same vein as
      maintenance will be Muc-Off, power will be Garmin, route planning ..
      Garmin, need a new item of clothing Santini, indoor fitness Wahoo, a new
      bike.. Scott. it’s not the fault of the guys we see representing GCN, it’s
      the bosses at SHIFT Media who pull the strings and dictate what content is

  7. Another important aspect of water that I didn’t understand at the start is
    that it is crucial important for good heart functions, especially with
    things like potassium and electrolytes. In fact, I’d say water has been my
    most overlooked aspect of nutrition!

  8. another thing about free radicals; using anti oxidants also causes the
    release of more free radicals so in the long run is damaging to you

  9. I don’t mind sponsors, but don’t let that get in the way of providing good
    and accurate info. At least discuss natural foods for recovery side-by-side
    with the SIS stuff.

  10. Casein and whey protein increase inflammation and put lots of stress on the
    kidneys. Not to mention they raise IGF-1 levels in the blood stream which
    increases chances of developing cancer. Much better for the body to get
    protein from plant sources, also requires much less because of how easily
    plants protein ms are I absorbed compared to animal protein.

    Get those veggies in!

    • +Charlie Basnett I’ll give you my address, if you want to try your luck.
      I’ll give you the choice of a handshake, or you can try to take a shot at

    • +Charlie Basnett You’re the selfish ass, but go ahead and kid yourself. I
      have friends who are vegetarian and don’t try to convert others, like it’s
      some sort of religion. Where you always an ass, or did it develop recently?
      Perhaps you should consult a physician.

    • +Gordon Moat after chatting with you I can see your a selfish little brat
      anyways. if it were just me n you left on the planet I’d snap your little
      neck and fry you up. luckily it’s not the case and I’ll stick to plants for

    • +Gordon Moat hey man, wasn’t attacking your diet for your health reasons,
      just your diets rough on the environment. could give two fucks about.your

  11. You guys forgot to answer THE most important question, what about beer?
    Keep in mind it’s a good source of carbohydrates and electrolytes. Alcohol
    also reduces muscle inflammation.

  12. Don’t eat whey protein, it’s a waste product from the milk and cheese
    industry. Plant based protein 100%. Also don’t eat bananas that look like
    the ones Matt showed you, they have got to be spotty like a Leopard, that
    way they are easier to digest and full of sugar.

  13. Why do so many vegans appear in the comments whenever nutrition is
    mentioned on this channel? I don’t see them commenting on any other videos.

  14. Yay protein debate again.
    Did anyone question himself or try it on himself how much protein do you
    actually need?
    Human babies duplicate their weight super fast, and all they eat is mothers
    milk (6% of protein btw)

    And No you don’t need more protein, if you train you need to eat more of
    everything (fats, hydrates, and yes protein in proper ratios), but
    regeneration will be actually worse if you’ll add just more protein!

  15. How would you layout your training plan for the week if you wanted to do
    gym work before going to work and cycling when you get home in the
    evenings? and would this require a surplus of calories? is it possible to
    build muscle alongside a cycling training plan?

  16. BROTEIN so funny I am 16 and this seems to be the most important thing in
    friend groups please don’t tell me Si has fallen for this

  17. I am a fairly new cyclist. When I first started I had a friend who was into
    running tell me that I should soak my legs in super cold water after a
    ride. Is this helpful to recovery or am I just wasting 20 – 25 minutes of
    my time?

  18. Great ep – liked it. The soundtrack on this was great – nice choice. And,
    does Guinness count as both carbohydrate and protein for recovery purposes?

  19. where do you get your brotein??? Common guys it’ s 2015 can’t believe you
    still sucked up in that bulshit.

  20. …..and the most important thing Si learnt in this video? ….yep, use a
    coaster when putting drinks on Matts lovely new coffee table! (5.45) at
    least he aplologised, good man, lesson learnt!

  21. Come on GCN theres product placement and advertising revenue but Whey
    Protein shakes? Wake up. It’s a waste product from the Dairy industry and
    has been proven to raise IGF-1 levels which will lead to tumour growth. And
    Matt saying “I struggled to get enough protein when I was a Pro Training” I
    call bullshit, just eat more real foods. Do Gorillas lack protein from
    eating leaves? Do babies lack protein from human breast milk? 6% I think is
    the ratio.

  22. I began to cycle because of you guys! I first drove a kilometer, but now, I
    drive every weekend and I increase the length of the session for 1
    kilometer every day. I know you wont read this but still, I’ve gotten up to
    34km. Tomorrow, I’m going to drive 35. <3 your channel!


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