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    • good points about the water!
      Wheres the best place/website to get a massive bag of Jerky in the UK as
      its fairly expensive in little bags in supermarkets?
      Also do you guys meal prep?

  1. Excellent video ! I’ve seen that most of the pros eat beef jerky made by
    one of the caddies…..if it’s good enough for tiger and the likes, it’s
    good enough for me!

    I’m in dire need of changing my diet and this should really help ! Sounds
    like I’ll be adding a fry up to my pre round breakfast too

  2. Really interesting, many thanks! I basically don’t know why I post the
    following here, but there is another really easy help to improve
    performance on the weekend. You just need to get your body used to these
    “dry periods”. Lots of people during the week just eat a little bit here,
    have a glass of water there whenever it comes in their mind or is offered
    (which is often). When you organise yourself a little bit to have
    breakfast, lunch and dinner and drink maybe half a liter of water every two
    hours instead of a mouthful now and then, your body knows about these
    periods of 2-4/4-6 hours of only little income. If you want to have a
    snack, have one snack between meals, not five or ten snacks. Your body will
    remember these periods on your 18 holes on the weekend and offers much
    better energy levels. Ask your fitness coach. I better get some sleep now
    as I start to post comments on youtube.

    ps: I would love to see more videos about how to improve your game during
    the week like you did with the titleist stretching stuff. that four-sit
    kills my glutes while watching your videos. ;-)

  3. The nutrition on course was very overlooked, glad you’re making a video
    about it. I recently almost had a meltdown on the last 9 holes, my body and
    my mood simply free fell and i had worst round in month. All because of the
    low blood sugar. So will keep the information in mind and not make the same
    mistake again! Cheers!

  4. So I’m guessing a 90% sugar diet, with no salt, mostly cookies, diet coke,
    and an occasional health food starbucks mocha wouldn’t be something you
    would recommend. Works for me and I’m 82 and drive about 280(unless I cut
    back on the chocolate.)

  5. Vegetables lads not vegatables 7:25 in. Not trying to be clever just
    trying to help!
    Really enjoying the stuff coming out of the states especially the TPI
    stuff, doing the stretches every day and also the exercises to build up the
    glutes! Keep ’em coming.

    • +Barry Oakland Thanks for the comment. Glad you are liking the videos. We
      were excited about this content as it is important in how we coach.

  6. Porridge for breakfast with fruit and nuts, sugar/honey and milk/cream…
    Oats are already the breakfast of choice for many athletes and also for
    dieters, who find the high fibre levels give them energy for longer.

  7. Excellent video!!!
    Will use this when the season starts!
    Also good to hear that bacon is a must eat – thats what I heard :)


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