Please READ this box for more Info. This is a Full 6 Weeks Weight Training Plan to help reduce your body fat and lean up. Instead of the traditional strength training, this workout plan is based on Supersets. Superset training is designed to increase your metabolic rate, heart rate and tone the muscles by decreasing the rest period between sets. Please watch the video for the full workout and step by step guidance.

Benefits of Superset Training:
1) Increase your Metabolic Rate
2) Increase your Heart Rate
3) Greater Calories Burned
4) Greater Afterburn
5) Reduce Body Fat
6) Leaner Body

Weight Training Goal: Reduced Body Fat & Leaner Body in 6 weeks!

One superset has 2 exercises. Perform 10 repetitions for each exercise. Do the 2 exercises listed together with no rest in between, and repeat each superset for a total of 3 rounds. Once you have completed the 1st superset, continue with the next superset with no more than 1-minute rest time in between supersets. There are a total of 4 supersets for each workout session.

Workout Schedule: 4 times weekly (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday)
*If you can’t fit 4 times in, do 3 times or 2 times at minimum.

Workout Duration: Approximately 30 minutes to complete.

Equipments: Dumbbells
1) A pair of light weight between 2-4kgs each.
2) A pair of medium weight at 5-7kgs each.

For best Results:
1) Stick closely to this workout plan (especially the short rest time)
2) Eat a clean and balanced diet.
3) Perform 20 – 30 minutes of cardio at the end of each session.

Additional Tips:
1) You may record the weights you used at the start of the plan, and at the end of 6 weeks, increase the weights slightly to prevent plateau.
2) Take a picture of yourself prior to starting the plan, this way, you can compare and see the results after 6 weeks.
3) Always keep yourself hydrated before, during and after the workout.
4) Set up the exercises prior to performing them. This way, you don’t waste any time preparing the exercises while working out.
5) For those who are new to this workout, you can start with 2 rounds per superset and increase it to 3 rounds as you get stronger.

All the best! =)

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  1. Hi Joanna… I like your video and i want to do your weight training plan
    in along with eat stop east diet.. Since its my first time do this kind of
    exercise, do we have to do warm up before doing exercise?

  2. Thank you so much!! I go to the gym for cardio but I am honestly
    intimidated by the weights section! So I just bought some weights for my
    own. I will follow your plan :)

  3. Hello! Would you please make a video about strenght training for gaining
    weight for women/teenage girls? Thank you in advance and if you have
    already made one can you please give me the link to it because I couldn’t
    find one in your channel :)

  4. Yesterday was my first day of the Thursday workout! And my back triceps and
    legs are paining like crazy!
    BUT I love this pain! I am gonna do this for 6 weeks ! This is my promise
    to my self! 😀 

  5. For the cardio, is it okay if I do this first and do the cardio some other
    time in the day, or should I do them both at once? Thank you in advance
    Joanna! I absolutely love your videos.

  6. Hi Joanna. I’ve been aiming to work out 5-6 days a week and so far I’ve
    been able to stick to it. I normally do cardio for 30-40 minutes and then
    move on to weights/abs. I was wondering if it’s okay to strength train this
    often or if I should only do it 3-4 times a week? Thanks!

  7. For a person of 50 years with knee pain I think it is not possible. On tge
    contrary with 1 kg weights can standing exercise s be done ????

  8. Okay so I just finished my first session and I’m in a lot of pain lol.
    (Good pain) My only concern is that you estimated that it would take 30
    mins, but it actually only took me around 19 mins. I feel like I did
    something wrong :|

    • +Asha Fareed This happened with me too. Did you forget to take those 1
      minute rests? That might be the problem, because I forgot to take the rest
      times which probably caused my workout to end quicker.

  9. do you have a weight gaining workout plan for women? if not, can you please
    make a video for skinny girls who want to gain weight? I love watching your
    videos! ^-^

    • +Alex Terese Of course, I love cardio! That’s the majority of my workouts,
      but that’s the problem. I loose weight really fast and stay skinny with
      cardio. This is why I need weight training.

    • +PhaMa1002 Make sure you don’t forget cardio! That new muscle mass is going
      to need new capillary routes to supply oxygen, glucose, and nutrients.
      Cardio is how you’re going to do that, and get the bests results =)

  10. At last ! I found a best personal trainer, “YOU”. I am now following your
    videos about fitness routine and meal plan. I am hoping to get stronger and
    healthier by keeping up my fitness goals. Thanks to you, I must say you are
    doing an awesome job for women like me. Thanks again.

  11. Thank you so much for this video! It makes everything so so soo much
    easier. I made the mistake of looking up weight training for men. In my
    opinion, it was too complicated. You have to figure out how much you can
    lift and use this and that machine. Your routines gets the job done without
    having to spend hours in the gym. Plus, I can stay in my room and workout
    which is better for me because I’m a college student. Once again, thank

  12. Started today (thursday plan), but it only lasted for 10 minutes, I might
    have done something wrong :/
    Any tips ?

  13. Just finished day 1 of this program and I’m sweating a lot!! It was really
    tough especially because I’m an overweight beginner and I don’t have much
    experience with weights. But I’m excited to keep it up and see what results
    I get. I did the plank on my knees and static alternating lunges. It took
    me longer than 30 minutes because I had to take some breaks but overall I
    feel good and I know I’ll keep progressing as I keep doing this program. 🙂
    thank you so much for your effort in making these videos and routines!! 

  14. Should I eat more protein while doing this routine? My
    Goal is to lean up and have muscle. I’m 13 years old. 

  15. Holy shit that was intense, I could only repeat each superset twice. Thank
    you so much! It feels super amazing after finishing, I can’t wait to
    continue! ^^

  16. Hi Joanna,
    First of all thnks so much for all ur videos. I lost and gained weight many
    times due to which my skin has become very loose and I hav a lot of
    cellulite deposits. i really want to tone up and also joined gym for 2
    years but it did not help ?. Pls let me know will this strength training
    workout help me tone up and get rid of cellulite ?pls also suggest diet
    with it.

  17. wow this is simply the best plan available, this is exactly what I was
    searching for! it is to the point, demonstrated well and most importantly
    it’s for total body. I already am running 40 to 60 minutes daily and eating
    clean, now I can add superset and this will surely help me I think, thanks
    a lot.☺

  18. hi Joanna!! I begin today this workout, but I want to ask you some
    question.I would like to ask you a question: If I train three times a week,
    as I have to distribute the workouts? Wednesday that training should I do
    ??? please help me!!!!

  19. hi. I noticed you mentioned to have 2 different weights but the video does
    not explain when to use it. Am I to use the heavier weight once it becomes
    easy with the lighter weight?

  20. Hi joanna love your videos u r amazing and I look up to u! <3
    I wanted to ask u something I workout 4-5 times a week but I never tried
    weight lifting so I was wondering should I start with these workouts or try
    something easier for me to avoid injuring my muscles?!

  21. Hi joanna! I have been following u since last one year along with adrien
    from yoga with adrien and u guys have given the best of both worlds to me.
    I wud like to know if I do 2 superset every alternate day plus ur kick
    boxing cardio after, will it work well for a good fat burn? Pls let me knw!
    Love from India

  22. I have been doing this workout for one week now. It’s very good, the no
    rest time really makes it challenging. I haven’t lost any weight, but
    hopefully I will soon. I also finish in about 20 minutes, am I doing this
    right? Also it was not very clear how /when to use which weights so I just
    use the heavier ones for all the exercises. Thanks!

    • +Cris Meticos week 5 finished. I guess my total weight loss is going to be
      2.5 lbs by the end of week 6. I should add that I started out at a normal
      weight, so it may be harder for me to shed some of it. I really enjoyed
      this program and really recommend it to anyone wanting to get stronger.

    • +Cris Meticos week 4: done. Weight : no change. I am still going to finish
      the 6 weeks as I have really enjoyed the workouts and like I mentioned, I
      do feel a change in the amount of muscle.

    • +Cris Meticos OK. Week 3 finished, however I only did 3 times this week, I
      just didn’t make time for the fourth workout. I honestly could have,
      though. Anyway, I lost 1 lb. Hahaha, I guess it’s something. I can feel
      some serious muscle starting to form, especially in my arms. I’m using
      dumbbells between 10 lbs and 25lbs, depending on the type of exercise.
      Halfway there!

    • +Cris Meticos I just finished week 2. I gotta say it’s much easier to do
      now, so I use slightly heavier weights for some exercises. I still haven’t
      lost any weight at all, but I can say my skin feels tighter and I feel
      stronger. Hopefully this next week will show more results.


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