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All the best exercises to slim your waist are in our complete 90 day fitness program

You’ll find the best exercises for a slim waist are those that challenge your abs the most. These slim waist exercises employ weight and powerful movements to show you what it really takes to get a slimmer waist. You have to develop the muscles in your core to slim down the area.

Here are 4 of the best exercises for a slim waist. Do each of these slim waist exercises for 8 -12 reps, and do the entire routine 2 – 3 times through for best results. The equipment you need for these exercises is a barbell, and a physioball.

1) Barbell Rollout
2) Leg Raises Holding Barbell
3) Bicycle Crunches
4) Crossover Crunches on the Ball

Of course an important consideration for how to get a slimmer waist is also nutrition – you must follow a clean eating plan to get a slim waist. Athlean-XX for Women can help you with both nutrition and the best exercises to get a slimmer waist. For more great workouts for the entire body, subscribe to our Youtube channel

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