This 30 minute HIIT routine is a killer workout that’ll help you blast away calories, build cardiovascular strength, and be on your way to a more lean, toned, and firm… YOU!

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This intense workout starts off with a simple warm-up and stretch and ends with a cool down stretch to get your body back in order… but don’t let that fool you – this is 30 minutes of sweat inducing, blood pumping, body boot camp that slams traditional [boring] cardio on its head. You’ll not only focus on cardiovascular exercises, but you’ll also build strength as you work your entire body (upper and lower) – switching from explosive strength moves to hyper cardio exercises for the most effective way to burn fat.

[estimated calories burned 213-457]

Turn on your favorite workout music and let’s “DO THIS THANG!” How many calories can you burn in 30 minutes?…/weight-loss-exercises-for-men//

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