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  1. OK so I don’t know if this works or not but I’m going to eat healthy and do
    this exercise twice a day everyday for two weeks. I will for definite
    report my progress.

  2. the burpees were the hardest, but I could feel it working, the muscles in
    my thighs, and my hip flexors were burning. Apart from that the only thing
    that bothered me was my asthma.

  3. if you had finished insanity or t25 before, this workout should too easy
    for you so i recommend you do this workout for 3-4 sets or more

  4. Really good! This is the workout that showed me how out of shape I am. I
    may have turned a couple of these exercises into break times….

  5. we can do this workout many times a day or once a day only ? the more the
    better or better don’t push ourselves too hard?

  6. FYI I’m 13 and a not average height a little shorter so this is why I want
    to lose fat so I look slimmer cuz I got belly fat and it needs to be

  7. I will do this everyday till the end of this month and tell you guys
    Starting weight 125 ending??? Let’s see if it works wish me luck guys

  8. Am I the only one who pressed on the video and then started to see the
    comments to see if anyone had results!!!?

  9. does this help you loss belly weight or just get muscles under the fat??
    please someone answer….
    and will this help you loss weight even if your like 27lbs over weight
    please help….

    • This is cardio. You will loose weight, but do other things. Like walking,
      jogging, bike riding ect. I do 30-an hr cardio everyday. Burn more calories
      than you eat.

  10. Oh my God, thos workout really made me sweat… NEED to lose 3 kilos…
    will keep on doing it every day!!! Thanks and all the best

  11. i add this to my workout everyday except my rest days and by the time im
    incredibly out of breath and sweaty but its worth it

  12. i can finish the whole workout but the squating is too energy consuming for
    me that slows me down.i replace some moves but mantain the timing.

  13. why going to gym and pay thousands and thousands of dollars all the video
    was just watching YouTube and save your money how’s your pain is this your
    internet bills and the rest expenses so much cheaper than going to an extra

    • Oh! Ok I thought it is just because of my over weight and I have just
      resumed to workout after two weeks. I have this pain every time I stop them
      resume to exercise.
      But thanks for your replay.

    • Um I don’t think you should feel pain when you do this. I’ve been doing
      this exercise for a while and I don’t feel pain. You should consult your
      doctor about that 🙂

  14. With this workout you’re sure to burn many calories in a short amount of
    time.I couldn’t stop sweating afterwards. Absolutely loved it!!

  15. Here is a good exercise:
    Step one sit down on a couch (make sure to squat)
    Step two lift your arms up as high as they can go.
    Step three stretch as far as you can
    Step four grab your junk food and TV remote, enjoy your tv shows 😉

    But for real I’m gonna make a playlist so I can get into shape :D

  16. I wish it is more easier to lose weight than gain weight. Losing weight is
    so hard! But anyways thank you for these workout videos. Really helped me.

  17. hey everyone! I am 15, 165lb, 5″4′. I am 40lb over weight. I just started
    this workout because I just finished my first week of high school. I am a
    freshman. I am in secured of my weight ever since I was told that I was
    overweight. as I started my first week in school. I saw that there are so
    many girls slimmer than I am. ? I gotten quite upset of myself. because i
    eat a lot when I come home. almost all week I have eaten a salad with meet
    or fruits. but Friday was different, I eaten my ex boyfriends food, my best
    friends food, & I think I eaten my other best friends food. it was lasagna.
    3 plates of it! today is Saturday, & I started this just today. & so far I
    hope I will keep this routine up. I want to lose weight & drop those 40lb.
    thanks for the video.

  18. That was quick and sweaty! I’m all covered in sweat! thank you,
    fitnessblender! And to everyone who is trying to get in shape, keep in mind
    that you can do it! Never give up! ^^

  19. I after this workout, I took a break for two minutes and then ran around
    the house for 10 minutes. I lost 5 pounds already! Either that, or the
    scale is broken.. But I hope this message will motivate you guys to stay
    healthy! I started this workout because I weigh 190 pounds (now 185) and Im
    only 13. I hope you guys try this method. It might help you. Just dont
    forget, while you are jogging, to drink water if your throat feels dry.
    Dont push yourself too hard.

  20. when it said u completed the workout i collasped, and omg IT HURTS IM
    CRYING THIS WORKOUT XD im just really lazy ;-;

  21. my boyfriend loves me the way i am fat sexy or not we’ve been in a long
    distance relationship for 8 months he supported me all the way we love each
    other and we are happy

  22. because of my hectic schedule and big exams coming up, i dont have much
    time to do the ones i used to do (its 38 minutes long) and i now use this
    as a replacement until im done with exams and this is great

  23. This is one of my faves of yours. It goes fast; it gets my heart racing
    whole time; and it has some fun, original, unique stuff in it.

  24. How many calories do you approximately lose doing one round of this
    routine? It was really rough and I had to stop a few times between some of
    those exercises because I couldn’t breathe – but I love some of them! :)

  25. I don’t have P.E. for these two quarters due to my schedule, so I have to
    start working out at home so I won’t completely suck when I began having
    P.E. again (I didn’t workout during the summer lmao). ?

  26. I started to try this video, and literally died inside when I saw the first
    exercise, then I went to the kitchen got a donut and questioned my life

  27. I’ve been doing this workout for a week and I’ve been noticing that I’ve
    made my stomach flat but I don’t see very much change in my chest.. You
    know what I mean.. I don’t gave gyno I’ve already tested myself. I just
    wanted some advice from someone because I’m just still hoping I can get rid
    of this unwanted fat. Thanks.

  28. Is it okay if I do this whole workout everyday even if I’m only 16? Does it
    give you muscles also? I just want to loose little fats on my thighs and
    belly fat coz I’m not really fat. And I dont want to have muscled, just
    lose fat.


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