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  1. Hi I just want to say thank you for uploading this. I just gave birth and
    put on some weight but I was overweight before I got pregnant I enjoyed
    this immensely. And will be doing a work out every evening when my son is
    asleep. Thank u ☺️

  2. It’s soo sad. I’m only 16. 5’2 and 170 lbs. I’m only about 40 lbs
    overweight. I personally don’t think that’s a lot. The only problem is that
    I’m so unhealthy. My endurance sucks. 2 minutes and 30 seconds into the
    video and I couldn’t breathe. And that was just the warm ups! Any idea on
    where I should start?

  3. this is my favourite cardio! just love all the exercises and feel that my
    whole body got worked!
    Fitness blender work-outs do more for my legs and butt than running ever

  4. Glad i found the channel! I completed it through without stoping!!! Proud
    of myself. Good thing I have been running for the past month it helped in
    this workout to keep my breathing in control and having the mindset strong
    and willing. You are such a good explainer. Thanks! 

  5. instead of worming up I get horny…..but I guess to lift weights getting
    horny is still fine, I will go swimming today I guess

  6. I will forever admire people who are giving instructions while doing the
    workout. I just don’t know how it is possible. I can barely breathe when i
    do a cardio :_D

  7. I really like this workout. It pushed me, and it wasn’t so intense that it
    felt like I had to give up. I don’t excersize often, but I think that I
    will try to do this a few days a week.. I’m about 10lbs over my ideal
    weight. :P

    • +msg563 Thanks! I use the same workouts we share here on YouTube. These are
      a couple of my favorites: //
      Otherwise, I also wrote an
      entire program for the butt & thighs, if you want a plan to follow that
      takes out the guesswork 🙂

  8. After 32mins, I sweat like I’ve finished playing some basketball match and
    my face turned red. It’ s seems like slow workout but very effective!!

  9. Wow I loved this! The perfect workout to squeeze in before work. And it’s
    so nice to have it led by a cute, beautiful, down-to-earth instructor
    rather than the (I’m sorry) fake barbie doll look-at-me-practically-naked
    types. THANK YOU for making this available to the world and for motivating
    me to get in shape again!

  10. omggggggg prolly the best workout! but i can only do it for 20 mins! D’: im
    sweeating like hell right now :((( i hope it gets better tho cause for now
    i can only last for 20 mins :(((((

  11. Like most people I usually go to the gym and run on the treadmill or bust
    my butt on the elliptical trainer for my cardio workouts and sure they get
    the job done, but man have I been missing out on some serious calorie
    burning until this video. I decided to give this at-home-workout thing a
    chance! I started off thinking theses were such easy moves that would
    hardly get the job done, but man was I wrong.
    I have never sweat this much after a cardio workout until
    watching/following along with this video! This is such a great work out and
    not stressful on my joints! I love it! Great job! Will definitely be coming
    back for more!

  12. when i hear people complaining in the comments im just like ‘ well i did
    this whole thing without stopping and im barely tired and im 17’ if i can
    do it YOU CAN DO IT TO!

  13. This looks like a program for all ages and levels of fitness. When you have
    had your workout, I have a enjoyable book to suggest. Katie Marie Bille
    author of Fifteen Love Stories Under The Florida Sun , available on

  14. I tried this and I was NOT expecting this to be this hard. I was struggling
    through but I made it! And now I have sweat beads dripping off all my body!
    This is a GREAT workout! Thank you!

  15. I am 1.74m and 78.3 kg heavy. I do run 5km twice a week and do basic static
    workouts. But my demons are good food. I have recently promised to do this
    workout routine every morning in hopes of that helping with my cravings. I
    started yesterday could complete the routine without breaks. However, today
    I managed to complete it without breaks thou I was completely winded. Thank
    you for this good workout. Ps muscles that I forgot existed have started
    aching xD

  16. This is the Best cardio fat burner workout out there !,this workout is the
    real booster after taking some break ,you guys Awesome .

  17. This is great video! Do you have any advice, what should combine with this
    type of exercise, I don’t have to lose weight, just to get bigger muscles?

  18. There are some great workouts for no equipment needed. It is funny when I’m
    trying to do a workout and I hear talking, then I don’t know if the
    exercise has changed haha. That was some great cardio to start my day,


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