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Top 10 Protein Sources, Healthy Vegetarian & Meat Foods, Weight Loss Nutrition Tips | Health Coach

Corrina discusses the top 10 sources of healthy protein for vegetarians and meat eaters. Certified Holistic Health Coach shares these natural diet tips to make it EASY to be healthy!! Avoid the Processed food and Junk food in favor of these natural health foods for healthy meals, so you know what to EAT and what NOT to eat!!

Featuring Corrina Rachel

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    • female youtubers get loads of comments like this and when i read them it
      makes me laugh loads, I just find it soo funny.One time I saw a youtube
      comment saying “I touched myself to this” and it made my day.

    • What? i said what the other guy said but more direct. She put the puppys on
      broadcast for a reason. Shes stylin. Get on with you matu r e ass

  1. dairy is bad for the immune system except for greek yogurt. milk is toxic.
    peanuts have mold – almond butter is better.

  2. i want to consume 300 gms tofu every day, because of protiens, isoflavones,
    complete protien and other benifits, is it would be the maximum quantity

  3. grass fed – and whats that other words? pest raised?????? sorry, but for
    non native english speakers its really hard to

  4. Eggs are the biggest scam around. 187mg of cholesterol eat 2 and you will
    blow your daily limit of cholesterol. We do not need dietary cholesterol at
    all because our body makes it when eating enough calories. The nutrient
    value of it is a joke, you can get 9 eggs worth of nutrition by eating a
    spoon full of spinach. Also the taste argument is BS. Sure all junk food
    tastes good, but that doesn’t make it healthy. Eggs also contain saturated
    fat which raises bad cholesterol and no there is no proof that saturated
    fat is harmless.

  5. I like your ASMR vids, but your Atkins propaganda and fat health in dairy
    is complete and utter BS. Why not look at actual peer reviewed scientific
    journals on dairy instead of reading someones biased book. Dairy is high in
    saturated fats and trans fats which both increase the risk of heart
    disease. I am also lactose intolerant and none of the fat has helped me
    digest lactose any better. Dairy is not even human food, it’s calf food.

    • “Increased dietary protein, including from milk, can elevate serum
      concentrations of insulin-like growth factor I, which has an unknown
      relation to cancer”

      Lol your study also makes claims that without dairy you will not meet
      calcium proper calcium levels when you get calcium in abundance in leafy
      greens and seeds. Most other vitamins mentioned are also found in

      The forth study says calcium and fortified soy milk are just as effective
      for calcium.

      If you actually look at the links to the studies provided by the same page
      you will see that some of the studies don’t provide links or broken ones.
      Some studies don’t even support what is being said about dairy.

      Most of the claims seem to be about people who do not drink dairy facing
      bone fracture problems, which is true if you only ever relied on milk. Most
      people don’t in the US don’t eat vegetables so if you exclude dairy from
      their diet then of course they are gonna lack calcium. If they don’t look
      for another source of calcium then they are in trouble.

      Here are some things about dairy.

  6. But eggs are high in cholesterol… your body naturally produce
    cholesterol. But it could depend on what diet the farmer is putting his/
    her chicken on?

    • +Gary N All you have to do is eat 500 calories above your caloric
      maintenance level for you body . For instance, the average person needs
      2000 calories a day to maintain their weight. If you want to gain weight
      you have to be in a caloric surplus, so you would eat 2500 calories a day
      to gain weight.

  7. Hi Corinna, I am from Indonesia. I am a new subscriber and I love all the
    knowledge that you have shared. I learned A LOT from them. My favorite food
    is Tempe!!! When you included it in one of the best source of the protein,
    I was like OH YEAHHH! Tempe is easily found here and is sooo cheap. It is
    considered as the ‘low class’ food. When I told people my most favorite
    food on earth is tempe, they were giving me the look ‘you got to be kidding
    me’. Like I care!! Tempe is one of the best source of protein 😀 

  8. You’re awesome Corrina! My favorite health coach. I find your videos so
    helpful. Keep up the great work and helping other people!! 

  9. Whole eggs and real cheese are my favorites. Thanks for the tip about the
    yogurt. Never stopped to think about all the extra junk in the pre-flavored
    varieties. Much better to buy plain whole milk Greek yogurt and add your
    own fresh fruit. 

  10. I enjoy all your videos. I am vegetarian and very interested in eating for
    better health.
    Thank you so much for the time you’ve taken to provide all this

  11. Yeah, Somebody really knows what there talking about
    Eggs are good find a person that has chickens that sells eggs!

  12. thank you for useful information, I’m learning a lot from you. so, I have 2
    eggs and smoothie (banana and celery) for breakfast. is 2 eggs too much? 

  13. Corrina mentioned that she would be posting another video about the top ten
    sources for healthy fats but I can’t seem to find it. Has anybody located

  14. She falls off the wagon at protein. Eggs are one of the unhealthiest forms
    of protein, With the consumption of just on egg a day equal to the same
    mortality risk as smoking 5 cigarettes a day for 15 years she’s clearly
    full of shit.

    This isn’t a video promoting healthy eating. This is a video with a
    clueless airhead parroting industry propaganda at best. The result of all
    those billions of dollars in advertisement at work. 😉

    Who gives a shit about a rise in all cause mortality right? It’s got 6
    grams of protein.
    One would be excused for thinking she was dropped on her head as a child.
    You can’t get away with claiming meat, eggs and dairy are healthy foods.
    Not with the science demonstrably proving without a doubt that they are
    unhealthy and without a doubt likely to be the cause of the heart attack
    that ends your life 45 years before your time.

    We can’t all be smart.

  15. drives me crazy when ppl say … 20 g protein per cup.. common. cups come
    in different sizes and volumes.. u cant generalise it. Better to use gram
    count.. than cup..

  16. Eggs are descent source of protein but Yolk is pretty high in cholestrol. I
    have done an article on Soy protein vs whey protein
    which gives
    detailed insights. #Rismus

  17. I recently tried Quinoa for the first time and now I am in love with it.
    Being Hispanic it was very hard for me to quit eating rice, but quinoa made
    that transition super easy. I have also noticed that since I started eating
    quinoa, I’ve lost more weight and faster!

  18. thank you so much for your info. I still want PIZZA but you help me to keep
    my protein happy. Thanks again Corrina!!

  19. hey … thea is a confusion of how many eggs to be eaten in a day please
    tell me how many eggs are to be eaten in a week

  20. I live in the UK so I’m not sure if this is available in America or not but
    as a veggie I often have meat substitute such as a brand named Quorn. is
    this ok or should I not be eating it?

  21. I think you are putting the protein for quinoa uncooked per cup, because 1
    cup cooked should be about 8 grams of protein.

  22. Great and extremely helpful video Corrina. I’m slightly ashamed to admit
    that I starred down at your bosom though. Forgive the pervert in me. >_>

  23. This question is asked by the naive, uneducated people who have never
    bothered to research the actual topic. A Diet For a Small Planet author
    Frances Moore Lappe first said that plant based protein is not a complete
    protein in 1971, but a few decades later she went back on her words and
    said that she was wrong and that vegans get more than enough protein.

    I have a new vegan channel, please check it out and subscribe 🙂 Let’s all
    support each other guys!

  24. Regarding eggs, it is not about cholesterol , it is. About the high
    aracademic acid , see “NutritionFacts.org / dr.greger “and type in eggs.
    This girl means well but is not fully up to date on the heart des ease
    reversal research.

  25. The way you say egg. 😀 I’ll eat a raw egg if it weren’t for bacteria and
    stuff. The way you say cheese. :D

  26. Wow im impressed, this is the first time I have ever heard of vegetarians
    and meat lovers coming together!! and on top of it bashing the process
    foods and factory farms while still enjoying what nature naturally gives us
    to eat. My hat goes off to you and Im sure every true farmer with animals
    and gardens would share my feelings. Its not expensive to eat healthy find
    a local farmer! Theyll be more than happy to help you out. You dont need to
    pay a furtune just take a drive to the country! 

  27. I don’t like the idea of hunting, I used to when I was young because that
    is a big part of where the family got our meat, but I never liked it, but,
    I am considering doing it again, because that meat is much more healthy,
    that an farm raised meat direct from the farmer like she said. Personally
    I eat lots of fish.

  28. Until I realised you meant pastured raised I thought you said pasta raised.
    I am sure the cows would appreciate the spaghetti.

  29. I Really Love your videos I love working out and I am disabled from one leg
    I want to know about minerals and vitamins importance while we work out ?
    please let me know

  30. She left out the most nutritional plant food on planet earth. BLACK GRAM.
    Or what the Indians call URAD DAL. 25% protein. Packed with IRON, B
    VITAMINS, And great for erectile dysfunction in men. And building lean
    muscle mass. At a fraction of the price of steak. It’s the GOVERNOR.

  31. Since when do vegans eat eggs? Last time I checked they don’t eat anything
    that comes from an animal


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