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Having a lean abs are all people’s dream. But majority of the people do not see this dream become a reality. It is because of the wrong choices they make in life and how they carry out their lifestyle. Mike Geary has developed a system in which he has made it very simple for a common man to develop six packs and abs.

This Truth About Abs review is an insight into Mike Geary’s ‘Truth About Abs’ System and whether it stands up to all the hype.

What The Book Contains

Like any other treatment or therapy, you need to first have complete trust in the manufacturer. In this case, the author, Mike Geary needs to be trusted and his knowledge needs to be respected. He has a university degree and is a professional nutritionist and qualified trainer.

Truth About Abs ReviewThe ebook, Truth About Abs is a complete comprehensive guide to developing firm, rock solid abs in a natural way. He has addressed several myths in this ebook and has successfully explained why they are not true. Mike Geary has developed health plans, diets, and exercises that are targeted to building a great six pack along with giving your complete body workout.

Is Truth About Abs Yet Another Scam?

There are several ebooks on the internet that are total scams. People have wasted thousands of dollars on scam books and products. The Truth About Abs review can say surely that this system is not a scam. It is 100% legit and successful. Being in marketplace since 2006 is one of the proofs that its customers have great result from this product.

This ebook is an instruction manual with great knowledge and advice. It does not come perked up with any software installation CD. There are no hidden agendas or filler content in this ebook.

What People Are Saying

All the users have been completely satisfied with the results of Truth About Abs. They have given it a try and are amazed to see a positive change in their body and abdominal fat.

Here is a user review:

“I have been recommending this program to all my clients. It has worked wonders for them. I too have tried it on myself and can assure you that it really works! Thanks to Truth About Abs, I now have a great reputation in the community and all my clients are completely satisfied.”

Jacobs Collins, a professional trainer in Wisconsin.

Pros of Truth About Abs

1. Diet Manual:

  • The ebook has compiled together some very authentic and well established diet plans that are 100% effective.
  • It does not share radical information.
  • It has information and goals that can be achieved sensibly without putting the body under a lot of pressure.
  • It makes the user want to follow the diet plan.
  • It offers a huge range of menu options and variations.
  • It has a cheat day in which the user is encouraged to overeat if he has followed the diet properly throughout the week. This way you compete with yourself and even get to reward yourself at the end of the week.

2. Exercise Manual:

  • The exercises explained in Truth About Abs are simple and easy to follow.
  • They are not only great for developing Abs but are also great for the whole body.
  • It has exercises that can be done at home using minimal equipment and also exercises that are only to be done in gym with proper equipment. This makes Truth About Abs an ebook that everyone can follow according to their choice.

Cons of Truth About Abs

A few users complain that;

  1. The diet manual does not contain any new innovation about weight loss.
  2. The exercise manual has no new kind of exercises.

This may be true but the layout of the ebook is very systematical and Mike Geary has made the content very easy and simple to follow. It is better understood and applied. Thus, better results are seen as compared to any other program.


In the Truth About Abs review, we saw that it is a complete all rounder and addresses all areas in order to gain great looking abs. If you have been in search of a program that truly works and you are dedicated to work your way towards a better lifestyle, then this ebook is for you.

Mike Geary has done an amazing job in explaining why healthy eating is important and how it affects the whole body. So if you want great looking abs, you need to work on the whole body.


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