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The Fat Loss Factor Review: A System For Busy Buzzy

The Fat Loss Factor Review: A System For Busy Buzzy

Do you think you can manage an aggressive diet routine after nine to five working hours? Think again. For most of us; we don’t possess herculean effort. After coming home, the only thing, we seem to think of is slouching on our favorite couch and have a hearty juice and a steak.

Lemon diet, cabbage soup diet all seems far-fetched. What we need is something that can give us “flat stomachs and toned thighs” with the luxury of being able to eat all the food we love — something very much like Fat Loss Factor.

What’s Fat LFat Loss Factor Reviewoss Factor Program?

Fat Loss factor program (FLF) is a carefully designed weight management program centered on small sets of cardio exercises and liver cleanse. It is unique because it focuses on three aspects of weight loss:

1. Detoxifying liver for maximum metabolic activity.

2. Cardio workouts for fast weight loss.

3. Bringing anxiety enzyme “cortisol” under control for preventing impulsive eating.

FLF believes that instead of working your backs off as a gym rat, people should have heat intensity workouts at short intervals. This pump ups metabolism permanently for greater caloric burn rather than fat accumulation.

On Purchasing FLF, You Will Receive

1. A Liver Detoxify Program

FLF offers a 2 weeks liver and colon cleanse program. It includes a series of meal planning protocols and recipes which offload liver and colon of free radicals and toxins. This program can increase metabolic activity by 4x times. It maintains a conversational tone and is aided with videos.

2. High Intensity Cardio Workouts

Most cardio exercises proposed by Dr. Charles are high intensity exercises performed for 15 minutes in a set of 5. They are scheduled for 4 days a week. These include circuit training, kettlebell, plyometerics and stair training.

3. Body Sculpting Blueprints

Included is a detailed, step by step, three week cardio-sculpting program which involves techniques like weight bars, exercise bands, or dumbbells aimed at core muscles. It also includes a protein rich diet plan.

4. 12 Month Personal Coaching

Last but not the least, is a 12 month 1-on-1 personal coaching experience. Dr. Charles believes that as important as it is important to have the right tools for weight loss, even more important is having the motivation and inspiration to stick to it. He takes personal care of all his clients by building an email connection.

Fat Loss Factor Customer Reviews

Most Fat Loss Factor reviews are found satisfying. In this clutter, where everyday thousands of weight management programs appear overnight, this program has found its place. Up till now FLF has received 39,000 likes.

“I’m just starting out – only 1 week into the program. Have lost 4 pounds and feel great. Thanks for all your support and encouragement.”

  • Pauline, b/w 35-44

“I lost 5-6 pounds in the first week during the cleansing process; this diet really works or should I say food plan. i workout every day because I find myself having more energy–thank you for giving me a sense of confidence back……Steve!”

  • Stephan, b/w 45-54

Things You Will Like In FLF? –Pros

FLF has been given thumbs-up for the following factors:

  • Credible Information: The Creator of Fat loss factor, Dr. Charles Livingston is an established chiropractor and well-being trainer. In this program you will see him apply a lot of drug-free, hands-on approaches to work-out the kinks in the musculoskeletal, nervous and digestion system.
  • Ease: This system is convenience. Feel pushed for time and can’t find time to work seven times a day? FLF will take care of you. It requires no gym membership, no hi-tech equipment and is done every alternate day of week.
  • Non-Conflicting thoughts: This is the most appreciated feature of FLF. Everything is designed and scheduled to reinforce and synergize. Programs are in complete tedium. Liver detoxifying program has no instructions that would interfere with your body sculpting protein diet plans.
  • Visual aids: Although the greater part of the program is written instructions but visual aids are used to describe the exercise postures and positions.
  • Shape: FLF gives all those dips and sensuous curves we all crave for. The body sculpting blueprint programs is very effective in turning the sluggish, loosely hanging muscles into packed abs and tight butts.
  • Results: The results are refreshingly quick. One customer has posted to lose 1 inch of waist in a week. The program was also brought in lime light after helping an overweight guy losing 90Ibs in 12 months.
  • No Dieting: Where eating in moderation and staying away from hydrogenated oils, saturated carbs and sugar is recommended; this isn’t a crash diet program. Once in a while you can enjoy an eating spree without losing anything.

fat loss factor order

Things You Won’t Like In FLF? – Cons

We found, Fat Loss Factor weak in following areas:

  • Pity excuse for an official website: The only thing available on the official website is a video, which by the way doesn’t play easily.
  • Too many bonuses: Yes there is a thing as too many bonuses when they all are +200 page books. There are about 8 bonus books including pre-created grocery list, Foojoo fast factor software, goal setting guide, food diary and exercise log, etc.

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