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Old School New Body Review: Perfect For Above 35

Old School New Body Review: Perfect For Above 35

It has always been easy to put the blame of sagging muscles and jelly bellies on age. We can make excuses for ourselves, but deep down we know that age and genetics aren’t the only reasons. The way we look has a lot to do with our own will power too. There are many people who have managed to look young and good above 50.

Holding that thought, a new program named Old School New Body (OSNB) has recently become quite popular. Many people wary of their looks have tried it to defy aging and look beautiful.

OlOld School New Body Reviewd School New Body – What is it?

Old School New Body (OSNB) is a fitness and youth-enhancing program that can be downloaded as an e-book from the official website. It is designed for both men and women above the age of 35. Targeting older age is OSNB major distinctiveness. As the name suggests, all the activities and diet plans included in the program are based on past knowledge and tricks that had been lost to us.

Program Description

Old School New Body features a F4X Training Program, an OSNB Ageless Nutrition Plan, and anti-aging secrets and protocols.

The Old School New Body F4X Training program has following three phases:

Phase # 1: F4X Lean

F4X lean program is for people who are at the first stage of training and want to shed a lot of pounds. It includes 3 days a week workout consisting 4 basic activities per session. At phase 1 user is also granted a F4X Lean Nutrition diet plan to help annihilate maximum fats and gain an appropriate amount of lean muscles.

Phase #2: F4X Shape

If you want, you can either stop at Phase 1 or can move to phase number 2. Phase 2 is all about curves. Just the slightest change in OSNB protocols and diet plan will help to get the body shape you want- body of a swimmer with greater muscles on frame or of a runner with more toned legs. This phase also involve 3 days / week training.

Phase # 3: F4X Build

This phase is for guys who may love to have extra 15-20 pounds of muscle on their frame. F4X Build isn’t for guys who want to be beefy Hulk. This phase will give the amount of muscles you can carry gracefully. Again, same foundational plan, just with simple tweaks to the lifts and diet Phase.

Things You Will Like About OSNB? – PROS

OSNB has won hearts mostly because of its simplicity and ease. Old School New body reviews give following reasons for its success.

  • Trustworthy Author: Steve Holman- author of OSNB is the Editor-in-Chief of one of most reputable- Iron Man Magazine. Steve knows the industry and has got 21 books credited to his name.
  • Easy-to-follow Plan: OSNB F4X training doesn’t require any hi-tech equipment and is easy to follow. There are no lengthy workouts involved or joint straining exercises included. A short rest is given in between every set for maximum hormone release and muscle breaking. The program is laid out in such detail that it looks like author wants to take you through each step without rush.
  • Evokes Some Really Effective Old Principles: OSNB criticizes chronic dehydration, favors eating carbohydrates smartly, promotes less but consistent workouts rather than one time grueling exercises which all make sense.This is the first plan which doesn’t aim for quick fixes. Its motto is building stamina and incorporating exercises in your busy schedule. According to OSNB, being a pro-fit is better than being a gym rat or weekend survivor.
  • Great Results: After reading a lot of testimonials, it appears that this one really works. Steve Holman and his wife Becky are both 50+ and they have fooled their age successfully. OSNB Anti-aging Ageless Nutrition Plan and anti-aging secrets protocols aren’t offered anywhere else in the market.
  • 2 Guarantees: Have got 60 days money back guarantee if customer isn’t satisfied with the results and a 2nd money back guarantee if you encounter problem with download or service.
  • Bonuses: Highly valuable, standalone bonuses.

Old School New Body

Things You Won’t like About OSNB? – CONS

Where OSNB official website states that the program can be used by people under 35 years of age, the layout clearly indicates otherwise. The exercises are low intensity and more suitable for the aged.

Some old school new body reviews have also pinpointed book reading as monotonous. Majority feel exercises shown on videos are more interesting and easily understood.

Lastly, the pricing policy of the program is dubious. According to the website first few copies are as cheap as $27 but then the price goes higher. We believe one sturdy price would have been a lot better.

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