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Customized Fat Loss Review: Find Your Customized Plan

Customized Fat Loss Review: Find Your Customized Plan

Weight loss is a beautiful dream which we all have dreamt off for at least once. Being slim means- looking attractive, gaining attention, enjoying self –confidence, getting active, living long and being loved.

These motives are reasons enough to drive us crazy in our search for a perfect weight loss solution. Today we are going to review a popular fat squashing program called- Customized Fat Loss. Unlike others it claims to avoid quick fixes and is customized to individual body need.

What is Customized Fat Loss Solution?

Customized Fat Loss Solution
Customized Fat Loss Solution

Customized Fat loss solution is a weight management program that gives user a younger, hungrier and faster metabolism. According to the author, with each passing year our ability to derive energy from fats is reduced and we start to gain weight from the same proportion of food as we were consuming earlier. But this revolutionary program claims to reverse all that.

It strategizes and plans your meals to restore metabolic abilities. This program contains tricks and tips to train you according to your unique DNA make up and body type.


  • It’s a 12 week nutritional diet program.
  • Chalks out detailed diet plans for ectomorph, mesomorph, endomorph and numerous other recently discovered body types you may belong too.
  • Teaches how to achieve a more revved up metabolism for the rest of your lives – a type of system which sources energy from fats rather than muscles.
  • Informs about dietary pitfalls and don’ts. Teaches about 11 foods you should avoid at all costs.
  • Guides on foods which tick DNA for maximum metabolic run.
  • Informs about one 1 vital nutrient which we all miss and whose deficiency results in sluggish metabolisms.
  • Contains information regarding how to catapult body into a 24X7 fat burning machine- even during sleep.
  • Prepare an individual for 2 fat burning windows every 24 hours and what to eat during them.

Customer Reviews:

Reviews received by Customized fat loss are mostly positive and encouraging.

“Depression and poor self-image are long gone along with 41 pounds of poisonous fat that was toxic to my self-confidence. Thank you Customized Fat loss!”

  • Jackie Cooper ,Company Website

“I was always embarrassed about my chest and belly fat until I lost 71 pounds of fat in just less than 4 months and replaced it with lean muscle by applying the simple nutrition tricks I learnt from this Program.”

  • Dave Teboekhorst, Company Website

What You Will Like About Customized Fat Loss Program? – PROS

Customized Fat Loss Reviews indicate that people appreciate the following in the book.

  • A renowned Author: The author of this program is Kyle Leon- a nutrition specialist, personal trainer and fitness model. He is the author of an international best-selling nutritional systems “The Somanabolic Muscle Maximize. Kyle also represents fitness advisory board for BioTrust Nutrition, and is the senior product development consultant and spokesperson for Blue Star Nutraceuticals.
  • Totally Customized: The most catching and distinctive feature of this program is, customization. As each locker has a particular key, this program is designed for your particular body structure to help you unlock your fat burning potential.
  • A Clear Cut Comprehensive Program: People buy this program because it is easy to follow and is for 12 weeks only. The nutritional diet plans are clear and often followed by appropriate reasoning. In this program you get to know what food to eat, how much to eat and at what time to eat. No user has ever felt lost or misguided.
  • Expert Recommended: Dr. Jill Hollowell is a licensed physician who has treated a number of patients in Miami, Indiana and Canada with Customized Fat Loss. She openly recommends and endorses the program as – the safest, quickest, healthiest, most natural and most effective approach to permanent weight loss.
  • Beautifully Designed Website: The website is information packed and to the point. Visitors don’t need to search for answers; they are right there up front. A pleasant video welcomes you and takes you step by step.
  • Guarantee: 60 days money back guarantee, no questions asked.
  • Valuable Bonuses: Three amazing bonuses – Customized Fat loss training (revs metabolism by 2.5X), Customized Supplementation and Peak in week system for ab popping and muscle building.
Customized Fat Loss Solution
Customized Fat Loss Solution

Things You Won’t Like About Customized Fat Loss Program? – CONS

The program doesn’t hold a wide customer base as testimonials and customer reviews aren’t easily available. The only people who seem to have used the program are ones present at the official website.

Secondly, the program is slightly over-charged. Some Customized Fat Loss reviews argued that although bonuses are incredible, but they are supposed to be free. It appears that by charging $47 for a simple 12 week nutritional program, Kyle Leon is trying to tag along and sell its other products as bonuses.

Lastly, as common with other nutritional programs, customers have also found preparing diet meals a little confusing.

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